BPSS clearance is essential for many roles. But the process of obtaining clearance can be complex and time-consuming.


That’s where outsourced Baseline Personnel Security Standard (BPSS) Clearance as a Service comes in.

With outsourced BPSS clearance as a service, you can outsource the entire clearance process to a third-party provider. This frees up your time and resources so you can focus on other aspects of your business.


Our dedicated, user-friendly and GDPR-compliant BPSS clearance service includes:

    • 1. Basic DBS

    • 2. Digital ID verification

    • 3. Right to Work check

    • 4. 3 years previous employment history check

    • 5. 5 plus year character reference check

Tired of the hiring headache?  Say goodbye to endless paperwork, confusing regulations, and time-consuming background checks with our time saving Outsourced BPSS Clearance as a Service.


Features and

BPSS Screening FAQ’s


What is a BPSS check?


A BPSS (Baseline Personnel Security Standard) check is a security clearance process used in the UK to thoroughly assess an individual’s background and suitability for certain job positions, particularly those involving sensitive information or public trust.


Who requires a BPSS check?


Individuals pursuing employment in government agencies, the public sector, or specific private sector roles that deal with sensitive data or national security matters may be required to undergo a BPSS check as part of their hiring process.


What is included in a BPSS check?


A BPSS check encompasses several key components, including identity verification to confirm the applicant’s identity, criminal record checks to identify any prior convictions, and employment history verification to validate past work experiences, a 5 year personal reference check to validate character and a right to work government check. 

You could also include your own access forms to have all documentation in one place.


What happens after the completion of BPSS clearance?


Once an individual successfully obtains BPSS clearance, we compile the information into a form to send to the clients site, they then become eligible for job positions that require this level of security clearance. It indicates their suitability and trustworthiness for roles that involve handling sensitive information.


Can you fail a BPSS check?


Yes, it is possible to fail a BPSS check if discrepancies or issues are found in the applicant’s background that do not meet the required standards. BPSS checks do not have a predefined expiry date, but some positions may require periodic re-assessment of clearance to ensure ongoing suitability.



Do BPSS checks have an expiry?


BPSS checks do not have a predefined expiry date, but some positions may require periodic re-assessment of clearance to ensure ongoing suitability.


How does the BPSS process work?


The BPSS process begins with the collection and verification of various documents, including proof of identity and address. It also involves conducting criminal record checks to identify any criminal convictions. Additionally, employment history is reviewed to confirm past work experiences. The gathered information is then assessed to determine the applicant’s eligibility for the specific job role.


Do you offer any other services?


Our holistic approach to security, enables you to layer your security from: Cyber Essential Certifications to our Security Operations Centre’s Managed Detection and Response services. Find out more by using our service drop down at the top of the page within the header for further information.

If you are looking to train your IT team, we offer a wide range of online and instructor led courses from many of the big name vendors. Click here to visit our dedicated training site https://thinkbittraining.co.uk where you can find out more about commercial certified courses as well as our bespoke training offerings.


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