SafeSTS, a global logistics company ensures their cyber security is continuously improved

Ship-to-ship transfer of oil and LPG around the world is a hugely significant part of the global energy market. Doing that properly without any issues is what SafeSTS do best and they strive to improve standards on every project they handle. That unique way of working has resulted in a well-deserved reputation for integrity, reliability and expertise.

Global logistics management of this type requires a level of IT and cyber support that is both unrivalled and uncompromised and for that, SafeSTS turned to us at BIT Security.

We took the SafeSTS team through the KnowBe4 programme which is designed to increase awareness of cyber security while also preparing organisations for phishing attacks. In essence this programme enables employees to make smarter security decisions and therefore avoid any potential cyber risks.

As part of the programme, BIT Security worked with SafeSTS to better prepare their team for those very risks, spotting potential threats that might make the company vulnerable in any way. The work included live, imitation phishing threats, full reporting and recommended actions as follow ups.

When it comes to cyber security, one of the biggest single issues with any organisation is the ‘human element’ and that represents the vulnerability or ‘weak link’ if you like. The training and support offered by BIT Security removes that issue and prepares people for this modern threat to business.

Working with BIT Security has heightened awareness of cyber issues for SafeSTS and the potential risk they represent. The problems tend to get worse as teams grow, threats become more sophisticated and the number of emails increases. With SafeSTS, the cyber security bar has been raised by working with BIT Security and that way of thinking is now embedded within the company culture.

Anna Koloch, Strategic and Business Development Manager at SafeSTS said: “The safe transportation of oil and LPG around the world has always been a crucial part of the global energy market and right now, security and data management has never been more important. Working with BIT Security has been incredibly easy and above all else, it has helped us strive for continuous improvement.”