Get ahead, use pre-employment
screening to focus on ideal candidates

Integrate our screening service and extend the capabilities of your HR management and hiring teams.

Our pre-employment screening services give you the freedom to make hiring faster. Choose individual or group our screening services together to suit your requirements.

Choose from:

  • Basic or Standard DBS checks
  • Digital ID verification
  • Right to Work checks
  • Overseas Criminal Record checks if the candidate has resided outside of the UK in the last 5 years
  • Employment History check, 3 or 5 years options
  • Personal / Character references

Basic or Standard DBS Checks

BIT Pre-Employment Screening DBS checks confirm that an individual has no outstanding convictions, which increases confidence and safety during the recruiting and decision-making processes. DBS checks are essential for businesses seeking to safeguard the safety and well-being of workers, customers, and other vulnerable persons.

At BIT Screening, we provide the options of either Basic or Standard DBS. It is critical to carefully assess which of these checks are acceptable for your available job position.

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Digital ID Verification

Our Identity and Document verification process blends digital identity automation with ease of use at its core.

Helping hiring and security managers get ID verified faster and conveniently. By adopting the lasted technology, we execute ID checks even faster using Digital Identity and Instant Employment Verification. This approach not only speeds up the screening process for you, but it also improves the applicant experience.

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Rights to Work Check

This verification validates an individual’s legal right to work status. BIT Screening employment service validates a candidate’s visa and residence status to guarantee that he or she may legally work in the nation, and the findings are sent to you swiftly to avoid needless delays.UK citizens may use their passport, birth certificate, or HMRC letter. Others may submit visa papers or enter a sharing code.

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Overseas Criminal Record Checks

If the candidate has resided outside of the UK in the last 5 years

Request a worldwide criminal record check in over 150 countries directly. The candidate chooses where they live, and the checks are conducted in this nation. Each country’s governing body has distinct standards and region-specific consent.

BIT Screening can confirm various criminal checks for prior nations an applicant has resided in.

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Employment History Check covering either 3 or 5 years

Conducting employment verification checks assures basic compliance and provides correct information about a candidate’s job history. BIT Screening’s employment referencing services are configurable. The instant Employment Verification feature will be accessible immediately. Candidates may quickly seek professional references, and referees can easily fill them out.

You may also blend and adapt the reference types we provide to your specific needs to get unique solutions.

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Personal / Character References Checks

Character references are great ways for employers to check whether candidates are a good fit for their organisation by giving them valuable information about their personality and ethics. You may also blend and adapt the reference types you need for the hiring process; we provide your specific needs to get unique solutions.

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