Pre Employment Screening Services in the South West

BIT Security has successfully delivered screening services for four years, supporting clients with UK defence and pre-employment screening requirements across the country. Leveraging the expertise gained in this domain, BIT Security extends its friendly and professional screening services to South West-based organisations and beyond. With headquarters located in the South West at Plymouth Science Park, BIT Security now offers BPSS, DBS, Right to Work, and Digital ID screening services.

The pre employment screening services are designed to assist companies in ensuring compliance and best practices in recruitment. The regionally delivered service emphasises the convenience and accessibility of South West businesses, enabling them to conduct necessary screenings for their personnel efficiently.

Key features of BIT Security’s pre employment screening services include:

Faster Screening. BIT Security utilises internally purpose-built applications to ensure swift and efficient screening processes, enabling quicker business recruitment timelines.

Scalability. BIT Security’s scalable screening services allow companies to outsource screening processes and concentrate on core recruitment and placement activities.

Tailored Delivery. Recognising the uniqueness of each organisation, BIT Security offers a tailored delivery approach, aligning with the specific nuances of the client’s structure and requirements.

Sam Snowdon, CMO of BIT Group, expressed enthusiasm about the expansion, stating, “We are excited to bring our screening services to the heart of South West. Our regional and nationally delivered services aim to support businesses with compliance and best recruitment practices. We believe that our expertise and the convenience of a regional service will provide significant value to South West-based organisations.”

As a trusted partner in security solutions, BIT Security remains committed to empowering organisations with the tools they need to build robust and compliant workforces.

For further information about the service, please visit our screening services page or contact our team on 01752 724000 or email

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