How Simsage used BIT Security to achieve ISO27001

SimSage is a cloud based, AI powered search platform that enables users to cut through the complication of information management. The company works with law firms, in-house teams and tech companies to make searching more effective and more efficient. Using SimSage means you can put your finger on exactly what you’re looking for and the company is quite rightly known as a true market leader.

Naturally, security plays an important part in the SimSage process and for expert support and guidance the company turned to us at BIT Security.

The relationship between SimSage and BIT Security started with our Cyber Essential Assist service which took them through the basic security overhaul that any business should consider undertaking. This workload covered full system monitoring and highlighted best practices to follow as part of everyday process.

Following on from this, SimSage then asked BIT Security to support them as they looked to secure the all-important ISO 27001 accreditation. This benchmark is the internationally recognised standard for how to manage information securely. Without it, SimSage readily admit that larger scale contracts would be difficult, if not impossible to sign.

As part of the proposal, BIT Security explained the length of time it would take to complete the work, but SimSage were looking to achieve it within a significantly reduced timeframe. Yes, it was tough, but it’s now been completed and SimSage have its ISO 27001 accreditation safely in place.

BIT Security continues to work with SimSage on a retained basis delivering the sort of cyber security knowledge, expertise and guidance that enables them to operate with their customers safely and securely. Pen testing is ongoing, training videos are in place and the BIT team regularly join SimSage and their clients for meetings and calls, demonstrating a strong level of trust.

The process as a whole has raised the bar of security within SimSage. it’s become embedded in the company DNA but above anything else, the whole thing makes commercial sense because the modern-day market demands it.

SimSage CEO, Sean Wilson said: “If you consider how we work with our customers within the GDPR framework, then it’s clear to see that security is a vital part of our business. The BIT team have helped us embed new ways of working that make security an essential element of what we offer. They go the extra mile to get things done, meeting deadlines that seem impossible. BIT Security are not only deep experts in this space but they’re also easy guys to work with and that of course always helps.”