How SimSage levelled up their cyber security game

When BIT Security initially worked with SimSage, it was to help the cloud based, AI powered search platform, secure its Cyber Essentials Assist accreditation. After that, we provided support with the acquisition of ISO 27001 accreditation. Once everything was in place it would have been easy for the companies to part ways and focus on our own core business. Instead, BIT Security and SimSage have continued the relationship and expanded what we do together.

SimSage work with law firms, in-house teams, and tech companies to make searching more effective and more efficient.

Using SimSage means that the time spent searching for documents is reduced dramatically and it has positioned them as a pioneering, market leader.

Working within this sector means that cyber security is central to everything that SimSage does and for additional support, the company returned to BIT Security for help with Pen-Testing and Knowbe4.

The BIT Security Pen-Testing service is designed to signpost any threats that might occur. With full client authority we look to hack the client system to demonstrate where the problems might be, what damage they could do, and most importantly what action needs to be taken to prevent it from happening in a real-life situation.

In addition to Pen-Testing, the implementation of KnowBe4 by BIT Security, now means that SimSage has protection from the world’s largest integrated platform for security awareness training and simulated phishing attacks. BIT Security continues to work closely with SimSage on these programmes and we consistently deliver a level of support that the client needs and the sector demands.

SimSage CEO, Sean Wilson said: “Pen-Testing is a perfect way to understand where vulnerabilities might occur and they enable us as a business to become more vigilant of risk and aware of threats. When combined with the Knowbe4 security awareness training, BIT has helped us raise our cyber security game to a completely new level.”