Antivirus vs. Next-Generation Antivirus: What’s the Difference?

In today’s digital world, businesses are constantly under threat from malware attacks. These attacks can damage or destroy data, steal sensitive information, or even take down entire systems.

Many businesses invest in antivirus software to protect from malware attacks and prevent, detect, and remove malware.


How does it work?

It works by scanning files and programs for known malware signatures. If a malware signature is found, the antivirus software will quarantine or remove the file or program.


Antivirus software is a valuable tool for protecting businesses from malware. However, it is important to note that antivirus software is not perfect. Antivirus software can sometimes miss new or emerging malware threats. Additionally, antivirus software can sometimes slow down your computer’s performance.


What is Next-Generation Antivirus (NGAV)?

NGAV is a newer antivirus software that goes beyond traditional signature-based detection. NGAV uses various techniques to protect computers from malware, including behavioural analysis, machine learning, and artificial intelligence. The behavioural analysis looks for suspicious behaviour that is indicative of malware infection. Machine learning and artificial intelligence are used to identify new and emerging malware threats.


NGAV is a more effective solution for protecting businesses from malware than traditional antivirus software. NGAV is better at detecting new and emerging malware threats. Additionally, NGAV is less likely to slow down your computer’s performance.


Real-World Scenarios

Here are some real-world scenarios to illustrate the difference between antivirus and next-generation antivirus:

  • Scenario 1: A business is using traditional antivirus software. A new malware threat emerges that is not in the antivirus software’s database. The malware can infect the business’s computers and cause damage.

  • Scenario 2: A business is using next-generation antivirus software. A new malware threat emerges that is not in the antivirus software’s database. However, the next-generation antivirus software can detect malware using behavioural analysis and machine learning to identify suspicious behaviour. The malware is prevented from infecting the business’s computers.

Which Type of Antivirus Software is Right for You?

The best type of antivirus software for you depends on your needs and requirements. If you are looking for a solution that can provide a high level of protection against malware, then NGAV may be your best option. If you are looking for a relatively inexpensive and easy-to-use solution, traditional antivirus software may be a good option.


Here are some additional tips for protecting your business from malware:

  • Keep your antivirus software up to date.

  • Use strong passwords and change them regularly.

  • Be careful about what you click on and what you download.

  • Educate your employees about malware threats.

  • Have a backup plan in case your computer is infected with malware.

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